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Tailhook 2014

BY: Bulldog


 THL 2014

"Texas Flies By"

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   Texas was the proven grounds for another successful Tailhook LAN Party. The four day event seemed to come and go as quick as the 20mm ejecting spent casings. From start to finish the Pilots of AG-51 were well received, well fed, well drenched and well entertained as they all came to a screeching halt in the Lone Star state.

Computers were wired, controls were connected, Track IR's were dialed in to what was going to be an exciting four days of facing off in some extraordinary flights. Seeing your wing-man from across the table instead of just hearing a voice carrying over the net, the event was lined up and taking fashion to truly put everyone to the test in not only their ability to fly but just how much fun could be had. In addition the THL crew were joined by squad members who couldn't make the annual pilgrimage, yet rounded out the force in the missions flown and the competitions that took place over the days that followed.

Whether it was a verbal vector to an aerial threat handily relayed by Fireball (acting FDO), or trying to hook a wire while trapping on an Escort carrier in some very foul weather, the challenging fun seemed endless. The whistling close calls (ooop-oooop), the sound of lead riddling the cockpit (rat-a-tat-tat) or hearing the heralding voices over coms followed by a roll of laughter. The time was definitely noted and enjoyed by all in Air Group 51 and the distinguished guest of the flight squad MAG-21.

The annual competitions allow the virtual pilots to show off and see if they have the "Right Stuff". Comprised by three competitions the contest in reality just summons what it is these pilots work on every week. Bombing of targets, trapping on a moving air craft carrier and engaging in dog fights in the unfriendly skies that we so often encounter.

Air Group 51

AG-51 News

Texas 2014

BY: Bulldog

THL2014 2Tailhook 2014 - September 18-21

From 2013's Modesto California to Fort worth Texas in 2014. This is where the pilot's of Air group 51 will snag their hooks and spend their time on the flight deck "Texas Style"! Everything is bigger in Texas, right! Pilots, Demon and Snooch will be this years host to the annual event where they'll make sure the BBQ is full and the Spigot will never run dry. Later to be followed by a list of annual flight competitions, prizes and a camaraderie that has kept this group of pilot's strong and growing in numbers every year. Check back later for a full accounting of this years festivities. 

Air Group 51

AG-51 News

Ballad of AG51

BY: Bulldog

 "The Fighting Men of Air Group 51"

IMG AG51 RecordKicking off The 2013 Tailhook LAN Party a new theme song dedicated to the virtual pilots of Airgroup 51 debuted. The Theme Song was Written and Performed by one of Red Flights top wingman, Tony "Animal" Cocchiara. The Ballad with a little upscale kick is sure to top the charts. To hear the Magnum opus you can click on the player found to the right. To see the lyrics click below.

Air Group 51

Air Group 51

Have What it Takes?

BY: =Cobraj=


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